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The OR Society has three websites:

ScienceOfBetter.co.uk - for the business community to view examples of O.R. being used to help real-world problems;

LearnAboutOR.co.uk - for school children, maths teachers and students to learn some of the basics of O.R. and careers;

TheORSociety.com - for news about events, conferences, journals and how to join.

Network Comment - Analytics and O.R.
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Sayara Beg : Chair of the Analytics Network

Operational Research and Data Science:  The Final Frontier

Data Science has a long history in the area of Operational Research.   Operational Research practitioners have been analysing data, using various methodologies, for insight and discovery of interesting solutions to challenging problems.   Operational Research methodologies are broad and cover many elements building on techniques across scientific fields such as mathematics, statistics, optimisation, data warehousing, modelling and business analytics, all with a focus on data to tell a story.

With advance, high performance computing becoming more accessible this has cleared a path to develop more complex data engineering programmes for pattern and network analysis, modelling uncertainty and machine learning for artificial intelligence.  Operational Research is leading in this field by combining well established scientific management methodologies with the new and emerging technologies that is becoming increasingly reliable and scalable, across a distributed computing and data storage infrastructure.